Wedding Hair and Makeup

Right on the Doorstep

The beauty about staying at Jasmine Cottage in Stanley the night before your wedding at The Ashes, is that it’s the perfect place to get your wedding hair and makeup done.

Jasmine Cottage is less than 2 miles away from The Ashes making the ideal location for all those pre-wedding preparations.

Early Bird Preparations

The Old Dairy at The Ashes is a gorgeous bridal preparation suite but you don’t get access until 10am; quite often you need to have your hair and makeup done by then if your ceremony is booked for around 12pm.

Especially if the Bridesmaids and the Mother-of-the-Bride are having their wedding hair and makeup done too.

Invite the Pros

Jasmine Cottage specialises in wedding accommodation for the Bridal Party or Wedding Guests attending The Ashes.

Stay with us the night before the wedding and arrange for your professional wedding makeup artist and hairdresser to meet you at Jasmine Cottage the morning of the wedding to do your wedding hair and makeup.

Fabulous Facilities

You’ll have the key to the cottage, so you can let them in as early as you like!

You’ll also enjoy all the benefits of self-catering wedding accommodation; plenty of space, multiple rooms so you and your bridesmaids can spread out, excellent lighting, plenty of mirrors, endless tea and coffee, your well-stocked fridge…all essential during the bridal preparations.

Getting Ready Shots

You might also like to invite your wedding photographer to pop by to capture some of those lovely wedding hair and makeup ‘getting ready’ shots.

It’s a great way to get used to having your photographer around and you’ll have chance to chat and relax in front of the camera well before the ceremony.

We’d love to welcome you to Jasmine Cottage the night before your wedding.

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